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How to place Interac order with Coinsdrom?

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Ready to explore the world of fiat-cryptocurrency exchanges with Coinsdrom? Whether you're a professional or new to the game, knowing how to place an exchange order is essential. In this straightforward FAQ guide, we'll walk you through the process step-by-step. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to confidence. Let's get started on your journey to crypto success with Coinsdrom!
Step 1:

After going to the link, on the first page you will have to fill in your personal details.


Step 2:

On the next page you will have to create a password for your account.


Step 3:

On the next page you wil have to finish your registration by filling in all the blank fields. Some fields are auto-filled based on your previous answers.


Step 4:

Here you will have to provide answers for all questions. Just choose the correct ones from the list.


Step 5:

On the next page there will be KYC verification, kindly provide all the required docs.


Step 6:

Finally, you will have the option to choose coin, insert the wallet address and the order amount.


Step 7:

On the next page choose INTERAC e-Transfer® as the payment method


Step 8:

You will see instruction to proceed with the payment to your email address used for the registration




Step 9:

You will received request money email from Interac and to proceed with the order, you need to click on button "Accept Request"


Step 10:

You will be forwarded to Interac payment page where you will have to choose your bank 


Step 10.1:

Or you can select Financial Institution or Province/Territory and Credit Union.


Step 11:

After successful transfer, You will receive confirmation email from Interac with reference number. This reference number starts with “CA” and has 8 characters. You can send us this number if your transaction is pending for a long time.


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